In an industry congested with predictability and repetition, it is often a challenge for an artist to maintain originality while appealing to the masses. Chicago native Eric Terrell has maintained his innocence with his dedut album "Confrontation". Eric Terrell is no stranger to the Chicago music scene. He began piano lessons as a youth and later began taking vocal lessons at the Chicago Conservatory of Music downtown Chicago. It didn't take the soulful tenor long to realize that music and singing were his destination for life.

After recording several demos with local producers and moving around to various production homes, Eric Terrell's dreams of making it in the music industry were starting to fade away. He quietly retired his pen and vanished into Chicago's tarnished and struggling music scene. After being introduced to yet another unsung hero from St. Louis, Eric Terrell decided to take up the offer to meet with Crazy Flow Entertainment's producer Ronnie Mcpherson, an unsigned R&B heavy hitter when it came to production. The two studio junkies hit it off and began recording and developing local artists. It was five years later that Eric Terrell's passion for singing led him into the booth and the result is his debut album "Confrontation".

The album features production from Grammy Award nominee producer and arranger Rob Diggy with donations on the guitar from Steve "Funkyworm" Butler. Eric Terrell co-wrote and arranged every track on his dedut album along side producer Ronnie Mcpherson. This album is a sure blueprint that Eric Terrell has the staying power to last in today's R&B arena.